I crashed a dance practice :')

February 13, 2016

Yesterday at my school, there was a dance practice for African night which is coming up in two weeks. I'm not on the team; knowing that I can't even dance :') , but I decided to go for it :) ... :( . I'm a picture addict, which was what I did all through lol. I wasn't even taken seriously there :| lol. One of my friends and I  later heard Starbucks was having some special, we decided to go. While we were waiting for our drinks at Starbucks, we kept on taking pictures then there was this man who wanted to be in the pictures. o:|

Ohh yeah there were  beautiful little kids that were at the practice, when I saw the older one I immediately thought she was a model apparently she was in Miss USA Pageant. 

 Check out all the pictures below :)

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