A night in St. Louis

November 10, 2015

I was in St. Louis the other day, I went bowling (which I suck at) with some friends then right after we went to Delmar loop in St Louis downtown to get something to eat. The restaurant (can't remember the name) was cool because we got to choose our songs and there was a photo booth and all that.
If you're from St. Louis, where else can I visit because I'm definitely going to go back there cause it's like the closest city to my school.

Sneakers - Just Fab
Jeans - TopShop
Crop Top - Missguided

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  1. Yo! d restaurant is called peacock loop You should check out Orbit Pinball Lounge its nice too

    1. Thanks, I figured
      Okay ill go there,what do they do in Orbit pinball lounge tho?



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