Black Mesh

September 02, 2015

Photo By - @Gaffybabe

Shoes - Agaci
Skirt - Shoptique

It's been like 2weeks or more since I posted anything which is long, I know :( . Well it's because I've been really busy, school just started and I just moved to my apartment in college for the first time so literally I am still settling down and getting my stuffs together.
Back to the outfit, I'm in love with this two piece, I first saw it on a mannequin at a local store then i was like i have to get this! 
There is a short attached to the bottom of the mesh skirt while the top is mesh all through.You can wear something under the top but I wore a bra to give it the look I wanted.

* Notice I added a playlist on top ^ which plays my favorite songs atm.

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  1. Hey girl, where is your hair from? Nice outfit by the way

    1. Hey Ashley, It's from and thank you.

  2. Baby won't you come my wayyy

  3. Post more outfits!!



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