December 25, 2014

Hi guys, OMG!! I just feel like telling you guys about my skin care routine because it really

works, TRUST ME it does. I have been doing this method for almost two years now, I do this routine every night before I go to bed for better result, the result is just incredibly amazing.

FIRST you will need to wet your face

 PAT dry that face or you could wait for it to dry;Better don't make your face get really dried,cause if you do ..........jking.. nothing is gonna happen but don't just do it ;)

Get a fresh lemon

slice the lemon with a knife then squeeze it into a bowl.

Get cotton swabs or cotton pads, dip it into your lemon juice/ squeezed lemon.Rub it on your face or where needed.When putting it on your face, it might feel itchy for few seconds but trust me it's nothing. I leave it on my face overnight for better result and wash it off the next morning.

Then I drink a glass of water or even two right before going to bed.
This routine also helps in brightening the skin.

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